what we do

Finding a new apartment can be a long and stressful process, particularly if you want something that is just right. Newly completed apartments are rarely laid out exactly as you want them, rarely fitted out to the exact standard you want and in addition you pay the developer’s premium. Finding an older apartment can be just as difficult as they usually require work, a lot of work, in reconstruction and renovation.

It‘s not easy to find a reliable contractor who could complete all reconstruction works from beginning to end, including supplying all fixtures and fittings and producing custom-made furniture.

What if you had a team who could find the apartment for you, who could deal with the acquisition process, re-design the layout and implement the specification that you have chosen yourself, who could deal with the multitudinous local authorities, with the designers, builders, contractors and (often underestimated as an issue) your new neighbours?

A team who could do all this for you from beginning to end, saving you the stress and time and giving you something that is exactly what you want, a home of your dreams.